Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Budds Creek 2000 Pictures scanned & uploaded

Just like the title says, I have scanned and uploaded my pictures from the 2000 Budd's Creek AMA Pro National.  You can check them out HERE or by clicking on the tab above.

Stay tuned for more photos from the nationals that I have attended.  The first one I went to was in 1994 and it was Jeff Stanton's last pro race and also where Doug Henry and Ryan Hughes got into an on-track scuffle.

List of races that I attended over the years.

1994 Steel City
1995 Budd's Creek
1995 Broome Tioga
1996 Budd's Creek
1996 Red Bud
1997 Budd's Creek
1997 Unadilla
1997 Budd's Creek
1997 Steel City
1998 High Point
1998 Budd's Creek
1998 Southwick
1998 Unadilla
1998 Broome Tioga
1998 Steel City
(Man! 1998 was an awesome year! I made it to half of the season!)
1999 Budd's Creek
1999 High Point
1999 Broome Tioga (already uploaded)
1999 USGP Budd's Creek
2000 High Point
2000 Budd's Creek (just uploaded)

I also went to the Pontiac Supercross a couple times from 1995-2001.  I'm not sure of the exact years, but as I go through the pictures, I will find out for sure.  I flipped through them quickly and I'm not going to have many good shots because I was WAYYYYY off on the settings on the camera.  Let me know what you think!

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