PC Build

Since my 8 year old laptop would keep crashing every time I tried to process RAW formatted photos in Photoshop, I decided that I would build a kick-ass desktop rig to handle the job.  After months of research and saving, it's finally complete (well.....almost, more on that later).  Below is a list of all the components used in this build and cost with a link to Amazon where the majority for the items were purchased except the case (directly from iBuyPower) and GPU (NewEgg).

Total build including desk, monitors, and stand - $3,163.27
Total build for just the PC itself excluding keyboard and mouse - $1,993.95

I still have to get another GPU (maybe) since the 2070 Super only has 3 display ports and 1 HDMI port.  The screen on the side of the case requires it's own HDMI port and since the X570 & 3700X doesn't have on-board graphics, I need to figure out how to hook that up.  I am tossing around a few ideas about how to handle this. I'd prefer not to buy another GPU just for that display so I'm looking into less expensive alternatives.  I'm going to give this Wavlink unit a try. Overall, I couldn't be happier with this build!  It is awesome and ridiculously fast!  

Here are a few photos (iPhone) of my setup

White components will help the display show a better image

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